How the song became a book

resting with kids on me on the couchrest before you ask for more - line art workresting on the couch

The story behind the concept was simply to try to stop the kids from jumping up and down on the couch as they would use the couch as a prop in many adventures they would imagine having.

as a musician and songwriter i have also used music and made up lyrics as a fun way of getting a message across.

On this occasion, as i sat in front of my piano telling my 2 kids to stop jumping on the couch, i found this became a melody and i began to write the chords with the feel of a walking up beat to match the jumping that was occurring.

Good friend (Andy Tait ) whom lived around the corner was keen to record a project with me, so i suggested this song as i have been asked to record the song for friends who wanted a copy of it.

From this the song was born and it became my anthem to protect the couch. My wife said ” the story would make a good book”. so i began to create a story board and drew out the pictures to match the song.

Once this was done i started looking for an illustrator to create the book. I looked on line and found Thomas through the many many advertised. I liked the idea of working with Thomas as he was local and i could meet with him and he was able to take my notes and follow with instruction as to how i could see the book becoming. It took at least 6 months of back and forward with notes and corrections until i was happy enough to get the first sample copy made. not rushing this process really help with being happy and content with what i had created.


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