About the Author


Damon J Ropata – Married with 2 boys living on the North Shore of Auckland.

Previously a restaurateur for 18 years  Auckland City, along with doing gigs here and there. Damon is a jack of all trades, but his ultimate passion is music and song writing.

He has written many songs over the years for family and friends as gifts and life celebrations and has recorded 2 albums worth of music but this is his first foray in to offering his music to the public.

Damon is a hands on dad and is happiest hanging out with his kids and getting them to use their imagination to enrich their lives. The book was simply created out of asking them to stop jumping on the couch. He wrote the song and the book seemed a natural progression from that.

Damon would like to sell enough books to replace the couch, which has been the point to this whole journey.




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